Endorsed Programs

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. 
Discounts on Safety, Regulations and Compliance Products

Contact to Order: Lori Coutts Fraase, MTA
(651) 646-7351 I lori@mntruck.org
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J.J. Keller, the most respected name in safety and regulatory compliance, teams up with the MTA to give MTA members the most up-to-date and informative compliance and regulatory information at a discount! Supplies and solutions include: log books, inspection books, FMCSR books, hazmat compliance and ERGs, DVIRs, medical forms and cards, driver qualification products, hazmat placards and supplies, e-logs, driver and vehicle safety supplies, human resource supplies and interactive and online training. 

Ordering through the MTA means a 10% to 25% discount off retail, quick shipping, and the knowledge that your purchase helps support MTA safety education and advocacy programs.  If you can't find what you are looking for, contact Lori@mntruck.org and she will find it for you!



Third Party Administrator - 
DOT Compliance, Background Screening, and DOT Physicals

Donna Cournoyer, Business Development Director, Transportation
(215) 396-5500 I dcournoyer@fssolutions.com

FSSolutions is the leading privately owned third party administrator providing DOT Compliance, background screening and DOT physicals all in one. With industry-leading staff MROs and executives in charge of your program, risk is minimized, your employees will be safer and more productive and you can be confident that your are meeting all drug and alcohol compliance guidelines. 

TXTA Tire Discount Program for MTA Members
Jason Deanda
1-800-759-2305, ext. 101 I jason@texastrucking.com

MTA members of all sizes are eligible for substantial discounts off retail prices when you buy tires from your current dealer.  The TXTA Tire Program offers a complete line of products. Let the TXTA Tire Program keep you on the road. Enjoy saving on all your tire purchases of Michelin, Yokohama and BF Goodrich.  

Integrated Communications 
Telecom/Voice and Data
Kip Brettingen
Direct: (763) 201-8010/Main: (763) 201-8000

Bring those telecom costs down, down, down with the help of our endorsed telecommunications partner, Integrated Communications. Integrated Communications reviews voice and data networks, along with phone systems. Our goal is to find out what carriers each MTA member currently uses for local dialtone, internet, LD and if you're looking to upgrade phone systems. The telecom arena is becoming more and more complex, and programs are now tailored to integrate voice and data networks with phone applications. 

PrePass Safety Alliance
Toll Pass and Weigh Station Solutions
(855) 658-PASS I www.prepassnow.com

Keep your fleet moving while saving time, fuel and money!

PrePass Safety Alliance keeps over 465,000 qualified trucks on the move, allowing them to bypass hundreds of tollbooths to eliminate the hassle of maintaining separate accounts, pre-paid credit balances, and inspection facilities across the United States. 

PrePass Plus electronically pre-pays truckers' tolls on more than 80 facilities and at hundreds of toll booths to eliminate the hassle of maintaining separate accounts, pre-paid credit balances and multiple transponder inventories for bridge and toll fees. 

PrePass Fuel Card helps you fuel your business so you keep moving. 

Electronic Logging and Fleet Management
866-914-5299 I information@trimble.com

Minnesota Trucking Association is pleased to offer electronic logging and fleet management services through Trimble. We have successfully negotiated exclusive MTA member rates that provide savings to both new and existing Trimble customers. MTA members will receive substantial discounts on monthly service charge packages. 

Four of the nation's leading providers of e-logs were reviewed in detail by the members of the MTA Endorsed Programs Committee before ultimately recommending Minnesota's own Trimble for endorsement. 

The Insurance Center
Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, Short & Long Term Care

Owners, employees and owner/operators alike need and deserve affordable insurance. Great rates and excellent coverage are a phone call away!

Garrett Jerue
(608) 791-3150, ext. 30116 I gjerue@ticinsurance.com