NEXTLeader Program
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Minnesota Trucking Association's NEXTLeader Program presented by 

Acuity Insurance

Shaping the next generation of trucking leaders for the good of themselves, their business, and the trucking industry through a combination of training and real-word experiences culminating in a Capstone presentation of the Minnesota Trucking Association's Board of Directors.  

September 2018 to December 2019

Session 1: Team Building, Trucking, & Interacting with Government Officials & Agencies

Session 2 (online): Are You an Effective Leader? The Maxwell Leadership Assessment

Session 3: John Maxwell Professional Development & Leadership Training - Becoming a Person of Influence

Session 4: Safety, Profitability, and Strategic Planning – MTA Safety Conference

Session 5: Leading Change Through Influence – MTA Truck to the Capitol

Session 6: Benchmarking Revenues, Costs, and Productivity – MTA Trucking Management Conference

Session 7: Leading Volunteers – MTA Minnesota Truck Driving Championships

Session 8: Cultivating Relationships, Leading Effective Meetings, NEXTLeader Council – MTA Annual Conference

Session 9: Effective Negotiations and Communication

Session 10: Capstone Presentations & Graduation – MTA Board of Directors Meeting



Leading Yourself. Leadership begins with you. Before you can lead others you must be able to lead yourself. Leading yourself begins with having a sense of who you are, what you can do and where you are going. It is about being intentional with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Leading Your Team. Leading a team requires vision. People follow those who know where they are going. Effective team leaders connect their group to a common purpose and foster an environment that encourages high performance.

Leading Your Industry. Leading your industry means advocating growth and promoting change. Only collective disruption moves your industry forward. Growth requires openness to creativity and innovation that ends in acceptance of change.