Efficiency & Innovation Project
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Minnesota Trucking Association's

Efficiency & Innovation Project

This Efficiency & Innovation Project Team is charged with overseeing the development and execution of a plan to support the organization’s strategic goal to harness the knowledge and creativity of its members to drive innovation to improve business results. It is called a “project team” because of the assumption the work and membership of the team will flex and reshape based on the initiatives being advance.  This team is currently developing a plan of work to meet these 3 key objectives:

1) Harness the knowledge and creativity of MTA members;

2) Increase our understanding of the current utilization of technology and its impact on improving productivity (what's happening today); and

3) Increase member understanding of innovation trends (what will happen in the future). 

Watch for future updates from this team.  If you would like to be a part of the Efficiency & Innovation Project Team, please Contact Us.