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I-35E Cayuga Improvement Project

Wednesday, November 27, 2013  
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There is still some construction occurring over the winter for the I-35E Cayuga Improvement Project—traffic changes are anticipated to begin Dec. 2. The traffic changes (click here for a map of the changes) are expected to remain in place until approximately June 2014 and include the following:

• Reopen the ramp from northbound I-35E to Maryland Avenue and the ramp from Maryland Avenue to southbound I-35E
• Reopen access under I-35E at Cayuga Street

• Open the new ramp from Cayuga Street to northbound I-35E (including a temporary access from this ramp to York Avenue, for access from eastbound Cayuga Street) and close the northbound I-35E ramps to/from Phalen Blvd.

Please note that the temporary ramp from northbound I-35E to Cayuga Street will be reserved for bus use only.