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Additional Requirements to Take Effect in California

Wednesday, October 2, 2013  
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Trucks traveling in California have three months to be brought into compliance with more stringent emissions requirements which take effect on January 1, 2014. Some limited exemptions may be available but otherwise the following requirements are scheduled to take effect.

  • Owner-operators will be subject to new requirements that mandate replacing 1996-2006 trucks with trucks having 2007 or newer model-year engines or retrofitting with CARB-approved diesel particulate filters (DPFs).
  • Fleets with three or fewer trucks will need to bring at least one of their 1996-2006 trucks into compliance with the above requirements and report compliance to CARB.
  • Fleets with more than three trucks will need to have their 1996-2006 trucks replaced with trucks having 2007 or newer model-year engines or retrofitted with DPFs, unless they previously registered to phase-in compliance.
  • Drayage trucks operating in and out of the state’s ports or rail yards will need to have 2007 or newer model engines.
  • Transport refrigeration units (TRUs) with 2006 model-year engines will need to have these engines or units replaced with newer models or retrofitted with DPFs.
  • For tractors pulling 53-foot box-type dry van or refrigerated trailers where open-shoulder drive retreads are use, if these retreads are manufactured in 2014 and beyond, they must be SmartWay verified retreads.

For information about these upcoming requirements, including compliance webinars, visit the California Air Resources Board’s TruckStop website.