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Highway 52 Lafayette Bridge Update

Monday, August 5, 2013  
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All vehicles or vehicle combinations more than 35 feet in length are prohibited from crossing the existing Highway 52 Lafayette Bridge over the Mississippi River east of downtown St. Paul. A crossover currently carries traffic between the existing bridge to the new northbound bridge. Traffic restrictions remain in effect until the crossover is removed in early 2014.


The crossover was built so work could continue on the new CCLRT line and to begin work on the new southbound Hwy 52 Lafayette Bridge.  The crossover is narrow and has a tight turning radius near the north end of the northbound bridge which makes it extremely difficult for any vehicle or combination of vehicles more than 35 feet in length to maneuver the crossover safely.   


Posted crossover detour routes for prohibited vehicles:


- Northbound Hwy 52: Follow eastbound I-494 to northbound Hwy 61 to westbound I-94 to Mounds Boulevard to 7th Street.


- Southbound Hwy 52: Follow 7th Street to Mounds Boulevard to eastbound I-94 to southbound Hwy 61 to westbound I-494.


Thank you for your patience while the construction of the Hwy 52 Lafayette Bridge continues through 2015. Contact Kevin Walker at 651-234-7509 or Kent Barnard at 651-234-7504 with any additional questions. For more project information about the Hwy 52 Lafayette Bridge cross-over, please visit: