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ATA Issues New Paper on Reliability of CSA Scores

Friday, December 13, 2013  
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On Monday, Dec. 9, ATA released a comprehensive CSA paper that focuses on the reliability of carriers’ CSA scores. The paper points out that while there are statistical correlations between SMS scores in certain categories and crash risk, as well as between the total number of ‘alerts’ and crash risk, individual carriers’ scores can be unreliable indicators of their safety performance. The identified correlations between scores and crash risk represent industry-wide trends that often don’t hold true for individual carriers. In most BASICs there are thousands of carriers ("exceptions”) whose scores contradict the trends (i.e. carriers with high scores but low crash rates and vice-versa). The sheer number of "exceptions” and the presence of numerous data and methodology problems lead to the conclusion that SMS scores alone as measures of individual carrier safety performance are, at a minimum, unreliable.


Click here for the ATA White Paper on the Reliability of CSA Scores final report.