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Department of Energy says CNG Prices Decline

Thursday, December 5, 2013  
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U.S. retail compressed natural gas prices dropped to their lowest level since July 2012, the Department of Energy reported Dec. 5.

The average price from Oct. 4-18 was $2.09 per gasoline-gallon equivalent, or 5 cents per GGE less than the survey level in July, DOE said in its Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report.

The last time CNG was cheaper was July 2012 when it was $2.05 per GGE. The July 2013 reading was the most-expensive level recorded as part of DOE’s quarterly survey of 469 CNG sales points. The report also said $2.09 per GGE is equivalent to $2.33 per diesel-gallon equivalent.

The report does not measure pricing for liquefied natural gas, which is not as readily available as CNG.
Among other alternative fuels, DOE said B20, a 20% blend of biodiesel, increased to $4.02 a gallon in October from $3.89 in July. Over the same time, conventional diesel was unchanged at $3.91 a gallon.

Pure biodiesel dipped to $4.18 a gallon from $4.19 the previous quarter.
Propane also increased, the report said, to $2.96 a gallon on average from $2.73 in July.