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Join the MTA Experience and Connect!  The MTA champions SAFETY, ADVOCACY, and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT to advance the success of its members and the Minnesota trucking industry by influencing policy, providing professional development training, building industry recruitment programs,  providing members resources and guidance,  and by providing a platform for members to connect and learn from each other.  Join today and find out why so many carriers and allied companies are proud to be members of the Minnesota Trucking Association.  Share your voice!  Email for information.


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John Hausladen, President  (763) 251-6430

Meredith Armstrong, Vice President  (763) 251-6431

Andrea Warren, Marketing & Communications Manager  (763) 251-6433

Lori Coutts Fraase, Member Services Manager (Product Orders)  (763) 251-6432

Lauren Grady, Administrative & Program Assistant (MIP Classes)  (763) 251-6434

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The MTA Endorsed Programs are companies that have earned the endorsement of the MTA. They provide members with discounts on quality products or services while supporting MTA programs. For example, you can order your JJ Keller products through the MTA and save 10% to 25%.

The Minnesota Trucking Association's mission is to serve as the voice for a safe and successful Minnesota trucking industry.

Save 10% - 25% on products essential for your business by purchasing through the Minnesota Trucking Association.
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