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MTA's 2019 Safety Conference: Encourage, Energize, Empower

January 24, 2019


Join other safety professionals to learn how to ENCOURAGE, ENERGIZE AND EMPOWER your team as you address your safety priorities in the coming year.  In addition to dynamic speakers that will present information on the science of distracted driving and how to align beliefs with driver action, critical safety conversations will take place in a Roundtable format that will bring everyone together to discuss issues and brainstorm solutions.  Learn from the best!  Learn from each other!  Register today!!

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Since 1932, the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA) has been a powerful voice for the trucking industry. Today we continue to influence policy, support education, and advance the success of Minnesota’s trucking industry. We are committed to developing innovative and research-based policies that promote highway safety, educating policymakers and the public about the essential role that trucking plays in the economy, and promoting responsible policies that advance the trucking industry’s environmental goals.

The Minnesota Trucking Association's mission is to serve as the voice for a safe and successful Minnesota trucking industry.

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2019 Safety Conference & Driver of the Year Banquet

Duluth (Northeast) Regional Meeting

Rochester (Southeast) Regional Meeting