Trucking Management Conference
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Trucking Management Conference

When: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Where: Minneapolis Marriott Northwest

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First Attendee- $199
Additional Attendees- $159

About the Trucking Management Conference:

To be a general/operations manager in a trucking company is to lead a fast-paced industry. This person must wear multiple hats requiring often very different skill-sets. One minute they must be analytical (reading budgets, interpreting reports and applying regulations), and in the next minute they must be highly interpersonal (assessing an employee candidate or coaching an underperforming driver). By the very nature of their work, it is often difficult to leave the truck line. This one-day Trucking Management Conference will become a “must attend” annual event where professionals will obtain the information, support and networking they need to successfully carry out their roles.


2017 Topics:

Legal- Bob Pitcher (ATA)

Every state's legislature is in session in 2017 and taxes will be on the agenda for most of them. From balancing budgets to funding highways and tax reform. 

Add to that the changes to the interstate organizations, IRP, IFTA and UCRA. Plus the strong possibility of a significant, long overdue federal tax reform, which affects the states too. 

Unlike many other business, motor carriers operate in many states as a matter of course. Bob Pitcher, ATA's Vice President, State Laws, will join us to talk about what's happening in state taxes and how it may affect your business. 


Risk Management- Kyle Brady (Lead Investigator, Travelers Specialty Investigative Group):

 According to the FBI, cargo theft is a $15 to $30 billion-dollar problem- and is on the rise!

Today, cargo thieves have shifted their focus to shipper facilities- surveying their arrival/ departure times and entire establishment to grab deliveries from the start.

Travelers Special Investigations Group (SIG), part of one of the largest and most comprehensive investigative units in the industry will teach us about these crimes as well as proactive steps to prevent theft.  


Financial & Legal:

Corporate structure, leasing versus purchasing, depreciation rules, accrual versus cash accounting, cost deductions... The list goes on and on.

This panel of experts will take a high-level look from 30,000 feet to discuss what changes you need to be aware of in order to plan and maintain a successful business. 


ELDs in Practice:

Electronic logging devices have been a hot topic for a long time and with the mandate now set, the effects on many aspects of day-to-day operations are becoming real. 

What issues do carriers and drivers need to be aware of? How will ELDs impact dispatch operations? What data is available and what about privacy?

This panel will worth through some of the more in depth questions of ELDs in practice. 


Human Resources & Operations-Wayne Lubner:

Being a manager and leading a team in this fast-paced industry requires a very different skill-set.  

One minute you must be analytical and the next you must be highly interpersonal (assessing a potential candidate or coaching an under-performing driver).

By the very nature of the work, it is often difficult to leave the truck line, and creating a positive and safe company culture can prove difficult. Wayne Lubner shares advice on what you can do today, tomorrow and in the future to improve your operations. 


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