State Policy Positions
State Policy Positions

Business Competitiveness

• Support balancing the state budget through spending cuts rather than tax increases
• Oppose increases in truck-related taxes and fees for the general fund
• Support aligning Minnesota’s mandatory vehicle inspection requirements with the federal vehicle inspection requirements.
• Support eliminating laws and regulations that put the Minnesota trucking industry at a competitive disadvantage.


• Support state initiatives for truck driver and technician training.
• Support state grants for students entering truck driver and technician training
• Support tax incentives to help companies train entry level and returning truck drivers and technicians


• Support energy policies that encourage national uniformity in diesel formulation
• Support the development and use of natural gas as a truck fuel


• Support tax incentives to encourage the use of optional emission-reduction technologies
• Support national emission standards that are based on scientific evidence

Highway Safety

• Support increasing the number of parking spaces available for commercial trucks
• Support allowing commercial trucks to operate in all general purpose lanes
• Oppose different speed limits for cars and trucks
• Support continued development of optional, efficient and safe driver-assist technology


• Support the existing statutory definition for independent contractors in the trucking industry
• Support aligning state prevailing wage statutes with the federal prevailing wage statutes
• Support the state pre-emption of local labor and employment laws to allow uniformity and competitive balance across the state
• Oppose efforts to mandate specific methods of pay to drivers
• Support labor and employment rules and policies that support the rights of both employers and employees


• Support exempting the off-highway diesel fuel credit from an equivalent use tax
• Support eliminating the small business pass-through income tax rate of 9.85 percent

Tort Reform

• Support reducing Minnesota’s statute of limitations from 6 to 4 years
• Support repealing the seat belt gag rule
• Support defining a tractor and trailer as a single motor vehicle for liability purposes

Transportation Funding

• Support increased funding to maintain and expand Minnesota's roads and bridges by dedicating general funds, maximizing bonding, and if necessary, increasing the fuel tax
• Oppose alternative transportation funding mechanisms like tolls on existing general purpose lanes, mileage-based user fees, public-private partnerships, wheelage taxes, street utility fees and a gross receipts tax
• Support the constitutional dedication of any tax on transportation fuels to the state highway fund

Vehicle Size and Weight

• Support maintaining the maximum 53 foot trailer length
• Support gross vehicle weight increases to offset the added weight of emissions reduction and alternative fuel technology.
• Support moving the artificial gross vehicle weight cap (80,000 lbs) to a gross axle weight regulation that maximizes the bridge formula and preserves infrastructure.